I work with individuals and couples. I have experience of helping people with aspects of their lives which are bothering them and causing some upset. The space provided is very supportive of exploring issues in a safe, open, and non-judgemental manner. I will work hard to help you explore what is going on for you. A willingness for self-exploration and development is a key element of counselling and psychotherapy. I am a “person”-centred/focussed therapist rather than an “issue”-centred/focussed therapist - this means I will help you explore items which are issues for you in a manner that involves and explores the whole you as a full, worthy and experiencing being. 


Some of the main areas which I have experience of helping people with currently are:

- Sexualities and orientations   

- Poor mental health 

- Anxiety

- Low feelings 

- Relationships  

- Addiction/dependence 

I also have experience in working with other life issues and I have significant experience in working in the LGBTQI community including over 10 years of volunteer helpline work in the UK and the USA.

My Clients